More Flexible Dining Announced by Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises cruise ship

In a bid to elevate the onboard dining experience, Princess Cruises has unveiled a significant enhancement across its entire fleet. The cruise line, renowned for its dedication to guest satisfaction, is introducing three distinct table service options: Traditional, Reservable, and Walk-in Anytime, complemented by its innovative OceanNow service.

With a focus on catering to individual preferences, Princess Cruises will allocate separate dining rooms on every ship to accommodate the three table service options. The Traditional dining room will offer fixed early and late seatings, providing guests with a classic cruise dining experience. Meanwhile, the Reservable option allows guests to secure their preferred dining times in advance, offering flexibility for those who prefer to plan ahead. Lastly, the Walk-in Anytime option provides spontaneous diners with the freedom to enjoy meals without prior arrangements.

This new dining concept builds upon the success of its trial run aboard the recently launched Sun Princess. The ship introduced a three-story dining room, with each floor dedicated to a specific dining option, showcasing Princess Cruises’ commitment to culinary innovation and guest satisfaction.

Sami Kohen, Vice President of Food and Beverage at Princess Cruises, expressed excitement about extending the dining flexibility to all ships in the fleet. “Our guests have embraced the flexibility offered aboard Sun Princess, and we’re thrilled to roll out this concept fleetwide. Whether guests prefer a set dining time or wish to mix it up each night, our flexible dining options ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.”

The new dining approach will officially debut on Princess voyages departing on or after September 14, 2024. To facilitate the transition, main dining reservations made for voyages sailing on or after September 14 will be automatically cancelled, allowing guests to embrace the new dining options seamlessly. However, reservations for guests sailing through September 13 will remain unaffected.

Guests will have the opportunity to customize their dining experience starting June 17, by utilizing the Princess Cruises app. They can opt for Traditional seating, guaranteeing a consistent dining experience with the same waiter, table, and time each night, or choose flexible dining, offering freedom in selecting dining times and table sizes in either the Reservable or Open Seating dining rooms.

It’s important to note that guests booked in specialty dining restaurants or suite accommodations will continue to enjoy dedicated dining experiences, exempt from the reservation requirements of the main dining rooms.

Princess Cruises’ commitment to enhancing the guest experience through innovative dining options reaffirms its position as a leader in the cruise industry. As travelers eagerly anticipate their next voyage, they can look forward to a culinary journey that caters to their every preference, ensuring unforgettable moments at sea.

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