North Alabama Waterfall Trail Expansion Announced

Shangrila waterfall in Alabama

With the arrival of summer, the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association (AMLA) is excited to announce an expansion to the highly popular Waterfalls of North Alabama Trail. The trail now boasts 27 breathtaking stops, adding 13 new sites for those eager to explore nature’s wonders.

The newly updated Waterfalls of North Alabama brochure highlights 27 distinct waterfalls spread across the northern region of the state. This vibrant 12-page guide includes brief descriptions, maps, GPS coordinates, optimal viewing times, and other travel tips. It also marks which waterfalls are accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Since its inception in 2019, the Waterfalls of North Alabama Trail has become a premier attraction, showcasing 14 unique waterfalls. Over 180,000 brochures featuring these natural attractions have been distributed through various channels, including phone requests, online inquiries, travel shows, and local brochure racks. The overwhelming popularity of the trail and the high demand for brochures inspired AMLA’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Karen Beasley, to consider expanding the trail. “North Alabama’s 16 counties are rich with numerous waterfalls. We decided not to limit the trail to just 14 spots. After careful selection, we’ve chosen 27 must-see locations. Our goal is to inspire more people to visit and to encourage return visits from those who have already experienced the trail,” Beasley explained.

Following the trail is convenient with the mobile-exclusive passport. You can sign up at The passport is delivered instantly via text and email, ready for immediate use, with no app download required. It can be saved to the mobile device’s home screen for quick access.

Here are the new additions to the Waterfalls of North Alabama Trail:

Sougahoagdee Falls
Located in Bankhead National Forest, this waterfall is a four mile round trip moderate hike. There are no official trails to Sougahoagdee, typically only a worn path. The hike to this waterfall follows striking cliff faces and a beautiful nearby river. Along this hike are several other streams and waterfalls.

Larkwood Falls is a beautiful waterfall that runs from Lake Catoma located in the back of a neighborhood in Cullman, Ala. This waterfall is seasonal. During North Alabama’s wet season, winter and spring, a great view of the waterfall is accessible on Larkwood Drive NE. There is no hiking required to see this waterfall.

Lost Sink Falls on Keel Mountain is a 3-mile round trip moderate hike to an incredibly unique waterfall in Gurley, Ala. Along the hike, the trail is lined by a beautiful creek and rock formations. Lost Sink Falls is a sinkhole waterfall and disappears into a cave making it a jaw dropping hike.

Congo Falls is located inside the Congo Nature Preserve bordering Little River Canyon along Cherokee County Road 43. No hiking is required to see this waterfall.

Mize Mill Falls is located in Bankhead National Forest. This enchanting area is covered in luscious green moss and evergreen trees. There are two ways to get to the falls but no official, marked trail. One is a difficult short hike and the other is a moderate two-mile round trip hike.

Shangri-La Falls (photo at top)
Located deep in Bankhead National Forest is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by luscious green trees, falling into a gorgeous pool of blue water. The hike is three miles roundtrip and is moderate for most of the hike. It can be difficult getting into and out of the canyon. This waterfall is seasonal and the best time to visit is in the winter or spring.

White Creek Falls is located in Bankhead National Forest and is a difficult five mile round trip hike. White Creek Falls has an upper and lower waterfall. The upper waterfall is a shorter waterfall with a unique heart-shaped pool also known as the “Valentines Pool.” The lower waterfall is much taller and settles into an impressive canyon.

Dry Falls is located in Huntsville, Ala. on the Monte Sano Nature Preserve owned by the Land Trust of North Alabama. While there are several ways to arrive at the waterfall, the recommended way is to park at 3 Caves parking lot and follow Waterline Trail. Along this trail is 3 Caves (an old limestone quarry) and a heavily wooded trail. This waterfall is very dependent on recent rain.

Parker Falls, located in Bankhead National Forest, is a four mile round trip moderate hike. There is no official trail to Parker Falls, but there is typically has a worn path. Along this hike, the trail meanders through a beautiful pine forest and passes several beautiful waterfalls before making it to Parker Falls.

Walls of Jericho is a part of Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust. This hike is seven miles round trip and is rated difficult. The trail is lined with woods, springs, caves, bluffs and rivers. At the end is a beautiful swimming hole with a small waterfall. Continuing upstream is a cave with a river flowing from it as well as another larger waterfall.

Alum Hollow Trail
This 30-foot tiered waterfall at Alum Hollow is a three mile round trip easy hike located on Green Mountain Nature Preserve. Around the corner from the falls is Alum Cave, a rock shelter used during the Middle Woodland period as well as another smaller waterfall.

Yellow Creek Falls is located on Weiss Lake in Leesburg, Ala. This waterfall requires a short trip across the lake, which is accessible by boat, canoe, or kayak and a short hike. Yellow Creek Falls is a 100-foot waterfall and is surrounded by beautiful rocky terrain.

Griffin Falls is located on a cliff near Collinsville, Ala. This is a short, less than one mile hike and is rated difficult. Located here is a charming downhill stream with a giant rockface and beautiful tall waterfall. During the winter there are amazing views of the surrounding area.

You can download a new brochure about the Waterfalls of North Alabama at, or you can pick one up at the AMLA office located at 402 Sherman Street SE in Decatur. You can also request one by phoning 800.648.5381.


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